Verse 1:
E                                       B/D#
Jesus, in Your name is mercy
East to west forgiveness,
B               A
Freedom from all shame
E                                            B/D#
Saviour, Your name is Redeemer,
Precious new life giver,
B          A
Living Word of God

E                                                     B/D#
How sweet the sound of the name of Jesus
C#m                                  B           A
The name by which we’re saved
E                     B/D#
There’s power in the name of Jesus
C#m                                B             A
That triumphed o’er the grave

Verse 2:
Jesus, in Your name is vict’ry
Over pow’rs of darkness
Liberty for all
Let Your justice flow like rivers
Righteousness and mercy
Like a never-failing stream

C#m     B        E/G#     A
Hallelujah Jesus reigns
C#m                B             E/G#     A
And His throne shall know no end
C#m             B           E/G#     A
King of kings and Lord of lords
F#m                          B
And His reign shall be for eternity

Verse 3:
Jesus, in Your name is healing
Grace and restoration
Life and health and peace
Jesus, our complete salvation
Comfort and protection
Perfect love revealed

© Jon Darby 2012