C                                                             F    C
This good news of the kingdom will go
C                                                       F              G
Into all of the earth then the end will come

Verse 1:
F         G                              C
Keep sowing the truth of His word
F          G                       Am
Keep calling the lost to return
F          G                                  C/E
Keep raising your voice in this land
F             G                               C
For the kingdom of our Lord is at hand

Verse 2:
Be faithful as you serve in His house
For no-one knows the day or the hour
He’s coming for those who eagerly wait
Lord, we’re longing for that glorious day

Verse 3:
Keep working with rest in your heart
Keep using the gifts He imparts
Keep fighting ’til the battle is done
Keep praying for His kingdom to come

© Jon Darby 2015